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I feel lost

I feel empty 

Why?  I do not know. 

I feel alone

I feel broken

Pray, I have. 

See, I wish I knew what was wrong

I have theories but there’s too many

I wish God would come and show

What it is I’m aiming from.

From where do I start talking? 

To whom do I even talk to? 

I’m troubled and distressed 

And only you my God can get me from this pain.


Little Dreamer.

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Source: Little Dreamer.

Sam Muregz
Friday Night I did my first ever full dance BLINDFOLDED! I had a repeat performance on Sunday at the #Kpconcert
Why you ask?

Bill Gates once said “Life is not fair – get used to it.”
In each and every one of us God has placed a light within us. Be it talent,skill or brains. As we light up the world for others we are also lighting up for ourselves.
For a while now my light has been out, like most of us. But in the darkness,you have to adapt. Learn to maneuver whether or not the light comes back;despite the fears and uncertainties. Because truth is no one else cares, they may try but they may also walk away.
And when you are finally able to move in that darkness. What comes out is simply beautiful. You get to enjoy again and other people get to witness a lovely show.

And in the end,remember to give God the glory because He is the one who helps you move in that darkness.

Have a #blessedday


Of good Food

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So, today I wanna write food.

Never done that before. And it will most probably be a short one.

Ever eaten and felt like there was a choir in your month? Like there was a well orchastrated band playing harmonious tunes, bars notes, whatever and all you could do is close your eyes and savor the moment? Because you don’t wanna miss it. Or there’s a Pentatonix kind of musical group that brought their A game, beautiful voices…(sorry to the non music lovers) and every note, every harmony sounds heavenly…


Today I had such a moment.

I like to eat. And normally I rate food as really bad, food and really good. Why? Because I eat to be full;to satisfy the hunger. So unless it lies in the extreems, I will not fuss about it. I have friends who taste food and say how sweet and awesome it is and I’m like… huh? At times they say it so many times I’m no longer surprised.

So today I thought of whipping something weird. I was tired of the normal meals. So fried eggs with bread in it,(I know, weird) and my pal brought some oxtail soup.

Lets just say, it’s gonna be a while before I get that feeling again.


God saw all that he had made, and it was very good ~ Gen 1:31

A lot of what we accept or reject in Christianity is mostly not the gospel, but the culture of a given place/individual who has brought the gospel to us.

Most of what we have today in Kenya as Christianity is a blend of the American/European culture and the gospel. e.g
~Church is assumed to be that building you go to on Sunday. But based on scripture any fellowship of believers, 2 or more that’s aimed at building a close relationship with God, is a church.
~Worship is taken to be that moment in church where slow music is played to help us connect with God, whereas in scripture worship means to adore and honor God. One wasn’t limited to just music, but could do so through dance, nature, prayer etc. There’s many ways to show God how much you adore him.
~In the African culture, dance was a major component. Yet we rarely do so in church as we ape the western ways. It’s mostly in the rural churches where we see a lot of that, but in most urban areas when one just lets loose, we give them those eyes.

I can go on and on and on… but my point of writing this isn’t to show problems, but to share what I have learnt.

What if the missionaries of old introduced the almighty in our culture and integrated the gospel into that culture, and not try to demonise it but instead learn it? Then maybe more people would accept God.

I have learnt that discipleship isn’t about doing a crusade/concert/short term mission and have thousands get saved by chanting a prayer. It’s about spending time with those who wanna learn more about God, those who wanna have a relationship with him. Guiding them and helping them. But most of the time we leave it at the “prayer stage.”

Spend time in a culture, learn it. So that when you speak about the gospel of Christ, you can be able to sieve what is your culture and what is the gospel.

Then maybe, we can stop having popcorn Christians with shallow roots.



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It’s easy to judge and disown that which you do not understand, no matter how beautiful it may be. – Sam Muregz


So many times I stood before you,
Moving your hearts with my gifts,
Gifts God has blessed me with,
Be it song, dance art…
Using them to make you see
How Marvelous He Is!

But not Today!

Not today.


Today, I’m gonna be real,
Like how Job was as he conversed with his friends,
Or David as he wrote the Psalms!

No masks.

No church clothes.

Just real talk.

I’m tired of this pain.
Tired of everything going wrong.
But who can I blame?

I know!
My friends, right?
The people whom I trusted and let in,
Yet when I needed them the most…

They Left!

Like shadows,
They were there,
Visible in my bright moments.
But in my dark…



But is it really their fault?

I live in a world where men don’t cry,
So I keep it to myself.
What’s the point anyways?
I mean,
If I talk about it,
I’m either told that there are people going through worse,
Which is true!
And so they end up judging even before they see the whole picture,
They are filled with so much pity on me and do not know what to do.
As a result,
I feel worse after sharing.
Coupled with the feeling of betrayal,
I’d rather be quiet.
And though they weigh me down,
I’d rather suffer in silence.


That’s what I am.

What is to blame?

Maybe, it’s the financial situation I’m in,
Or should I say, lack of?
I thought hardwork pays!
But I guess he went on holiday after handing out cheques to everyone else!
Would it be easier if you handed out a monthly package,
As opposed to daily manner?
That I’m not even sure if it will come,
Or not!
Plus, I need this,
I need that!

Can’t he see?

Whom should I blame?

Maybe I should blame my family!

Or death!

There’s so much going wrong,
And I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore.
They say that some of the pain we feel are meant to make one strong,
Ans that some are unnecessary.
But from where I stand,
I don’t know the difference anymore.


You are meant to be a loving God!
A father who protects his son from harm!
A provider who never lets me go hungry!
You are meant to be All Mighty!

Then why do I feel like I’m losing?
After all this fighting?
You told me,
Or at least I think you did,
That if I remain in you and you remain in me,
You’d give me my heart’s desires.
Then why take away the very things I ask?

I know you exist.
But why have you forsaken me?

But I choose to still Trust you!
I do not know what you are doing,
But I choose to believe,
That you have a plan.




This was a poem I wrote 2 years ago. I have learnt being real especially with God has helped me understand him better.
Unfortunately most times we act as if Christianity and our feelings are on separate worlds, like God can’t handle our issues.
But he does understand, and is willing to walk with us.
That is Why Christ paid the ultimate prize for us.
His Life.

Inspired by 2 friends that have been going through a tough time with regard to illness yet their faith in God is impeccable